Reward your customers
for their loyalty.

We developed a gamified platform for high volume businesses to drive repeat customers and increase their loyalty via SMS. We call it the SMS Leaderboard. The SMS Leaderboard appeals to a mass market, targets a youthful demography, and captures important behavioral data about your customers.

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How It Works

Basic Flow

Product Purchase
Your customer buys your products or services and finds a unique code concealed in it.
Send Unique Code
Your customer texts the unique code to a designated shortcode. The shortcode supports all four major network service providers in Nigeria.
Leaderboard Update
Your customer gets an update on their current position on the leaderboard and is encouraged to buy more products to place them at the top position.

Why Use SMS Leaderboard


Customer Loyalty

This is a customer loyalty program on steroids. Our choice to build the solution round SMS significantly reduces the barrier for entry and simplifies the process. You can expect to gain new customers, retain existing customers, drive an increase sales and customer loyalty

Habit Creation

Grow your brand’s affinity and top of mind awareness. A consumers' habit formed around using a product/service repeatedly is often disguised as "Customer Loyalty". What brands must do to keep customers coming back is to encourage habit creation through a reward system.


Dashboard and Analytics

Track detailed insights in customer behaviour for your products - who consumes your product the most, customers consumption patterns, why customers purchase your products, which consumer categories drive the highest purchases and what are the real consumer influencers./p>

Product Authentication

Protect your brand from fraud and counterfeit using product verification codes. Our solution helps build trust between brands and their consumers while providing authentication for your brand's products.


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